“If you’re finding it hard to get better with conventional medicine, let Tiger Boe have a go. Kat’s healing hands are an unsung miracle in my opinion. I’ve got my life back and had a laugh in the process.”

Jose Razelle


Our Mission

Create Happier, Healthier Communities

We believe alternative healthcare models should be available to all, regardless.

We believe that, as healers, our skills should be used to treat those who need it, not those who can afford it.

Treat The Person, Not The Disease

Chinese medicine lays great emphasis on the coexistence of body and mind and their influence on each other. Many diseases are caused or affected by our state of mind. Emotional stress disturbs the flow of qi (chi) causing dysfunctions in our body.

If untreated or mistreated, the problem will progressively lead to structural damages.

Unlike allopathic medicine that tries to mend only the failing body parts, Chinese medicine treats the whole person, aiming to restore balance in both the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Help You Heal Yourself

We believe the best primary care is self-care.

Therefore, we teach every patient how to promote self-healing and prevent diseases through proper breathing, posture, gait, exercise, relaxation, nutrition, self-massage and other means.

Simplicity Rules

We encourage a strong doctor-patient partnership.

We believe the best medical intervention should be the least invasive, least harmful and of the highest efficacy.

In the West, we go to the doctors and buy medicines after we fall ill.

In China, people see acupuncture as paying their doctor to keep them healthy.

We must teach people how to prevent disease. Knowledge is power.
— Kat Chu, Tiger Boe Director

Quotes from clients

  • 'I really cannot tell you how many friends and family Kat and Tiger Boe have helped.  I only have to walk through the door, and I feel calmer' - Valerie
  • 'At Tiger Boe people really care about you - the warmth is infectious, and their open-hearted open door policy keeps prices really affordable' - Jos
  • 'Doing the right thing for the right reasons - this needs to be a franchise' - JW
  • 'Simply amazing service from the moment you step in to the moment you leave. Knowledgeable and approachable staff, relaxing atmosphere and successful treatments. Wish I had found you long ago!! You have find do much more than tablets ever did... Thank you' - Paula
  • 'Kat and Joe are informative, educational, caring & considerate. I've had some amazing results. Right price, right attitudes' - Julie
  • 'I awoke feeling very relaxed and throughout the course of the next few days less anxious' - Carol
  • 'I would never have believed it, but my pain was greatly reduced. I went in worn out and upset and came out smiling after every session' - Teri
  • 'My shoulder is healed, my back is less tight and manageable and my hip is much improved. I remain a work in progress and happily return as I know her treatments are giving me a greater range of movements than before' - Sue