Events, Courses & Workshops


energy awareness for beginners (26th jan)

An introduction to Energy awareness from well respected Energy Worker and Healer, Kat Chu. This course will teach you how to feel energy, to see auras and to access your inner eye. The course will help you to re-connect to your intuitive awareness, opening you up to receive and perceive energetic information about whatever you purely place your focus and intention upon.


healing Meditation part i (16th feb)

Expect to learn many healing meditations, breathing techniques and visualisation practices so you can start a healing practice at home. The meditations are short but effective and split up by healing activities and refreshment breaks. You can lie down, sit on the floor or on a chair to meditate, there are no rules as long as you are looking after yourself.


energy awareness part II (9TH march)

Following on from 'Energy Awareness for Beginners' we invite you to come and explore the energetic realm a little deeper. We will teach you how to feel, connect to and work with the chakras - opening and activating up to sixteen energy centres for greater understanding, healing and freedom.  Course materials, including crystals, a full course handbook and comfy mats and blankets to meditate on are all provided.


healing meditation part ii (13TH april)

This course will deepen your use of visualisations during meditations allowing you to access your internal healing system on a deeper level. Expect healing meditation practices to heal the organs, release emotions and cleanse the spirit. There will be teachings of ancient inner alchemy and the taoist five elements and how to activate these via meditation. There will be cushions to sit on and blankets provided.



This course is for the aspiring energy workers and healers out there.  We will be exploring the energetic body, learning how to massage and realign the chakra system.  Expect  teachings and practicals on the following: healing with energy, connecting to the centres above and below, how to listen to your body when it expresses its emotional needs, aura massage and chakra cleaning and cleansing.



Come and learn simple healing connection processes to further develop your energy body and begin to investigate the 4th dimension, spirit guides and energy forms. There will be cushions to sit on and blankets provided for the relaxation & meditation. Pendulums will be provided as will in depth course handbooks including all activities, meditations and information for you to take home with you!



Excellent value for money - this course gave me an insight that no previous courses have been able to provide.
— student