WWP: Workshops for Workplace Health & Happiness

Who are the Work Well Practice?

The Work Well Practice (WWP) is a collaboration between Kat (Chu) Martindale; a uniquely gifted Chinese Medicine healer, and Director of the Tiger Boe Centre, and Samantha Culshaw-Robinson, an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and workplace health consultant. Samantha’s specialism is helping those who struggle with stress and anxiety – together with the negative behaviours these bring. She is also a qualified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) coach.

Why do you feel there is a need for the WWP service?

The WWP mission is to provide affordable, alternative healthcare and to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health – both in the workplace and out.

We enable this through education: providing the training to help recognise the signals that our bodies (our own internal health expert) give us, and how use this information to keep us healthy in both body and mind. This also includes managing certain chronic conditions.  Our corporate contacts told us there is a real gap for help in these areas, especially in small, creative businesses.

What has this got to do with me?

Whether business owner or employee, our health affects both attendance and performance at work. 

What are the main health concerns people face at work?

We carried out our own survey into the health issues concerning the people in our networks. 

·         Do you suffer from a bad back or painful joints?

·         Low energy?

·         Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

·         Are you becoming ill more often than usual lately?

·         Do you just want to feel better than you do?

·         If any of these apply to you, or a colleague, then you are not alone.

The participants came from a wide variety of sectors: from hairdressers and business coaches to medical researchers. The size of business ranged from 1 employee, all the way up to large corporations. We managed to cover a really good cross section.

The two biggest issues affecting work life were stress, closely followed by back and joint pains. This follows national statistics including depression and anxiety.  You can see the effect other issues are having in the chart below:

WWP - Work Well Practice, Issues Affecting Work Life


What might be the result of longer term illness?

The responses indicated that for smaller businesses, they would not last very long with key members of staff off sick. Around a third of all companies would be going out of business within 3 months and just under half closing down within a year. Only people working for larger companies indicated that their businesses could go on without them.

And finally we asked what people were interested in improving. The top 3 answers were all about getting more done while reducing stress closely followed by improving health, both, mental and physical. You can see the results in the chart below.

Here at WWP, we give people practical tools to use themselves to protect and monitor their physical and mental health.  We want people to use what we teach them to prevent them getting ill in the first place and not just think, “that was a nice workshop” and forget about it!

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