Top 5 Tips for Inner Peace

We're still inspired by what Sarah Mclean said at #ThinKNotts this year: 'You can't outsource inner peace'.

How profound. It's literally up to us to 'cultivate peace in our lives'. Sarah, you hit the nail on the head. 

To keep us all cool whilst the world continues to go a little doo-lally, here are some top 5 tips for inner peace:

1) Learn to Respond and Not React: Meditation and Mindfulness 101. Take in the information, control emotion, and think clearly and level-headed-ly enough to deal with the stress without letting it infuriate you. How many times have you felt awful for over-reacting to something, only to apologise later? 

2) Grant Yourself a 'Worry Period': This is actually a technique used by therapists when dealing with anxious patients. The idea is you give yourself a time slot once a day to do as much worrying as possible, but until that set time, you have to bank your worries and do something else with your mind. You may find this gives you greater control of the unconscious inner thought cycles and self-nagging voices.

3) Forgive Yourself: Sorry, but, you're a human being. You've only been an 'adult' since about 18, which means along with all life's pressures tugging at you increasingly, you've had to make loads of mistakes to learn from on the way. It's all good. You're not that special mate - we are ALL humans and you do not get to have some sort of universal Green Card to be free of error. If you can hug yourself and say, 'I forgive you', you will definitely feel better. Keep saying it until you believe yourself. 

4) BREATHE. So simple, and yet many of us 'don't know how to breathe'. Take a deep breath now. Did your shoulders move? They're not supposed to. Put your hand on your belly, take another breath, and aim to move your hand outwards as you fill your diaphragm with air. Congratulations, you're now a step closer to being a world class singer.

5) Ask For Help/Seek Helpful Tools: We all need to be told something for our own good. There's no need to feel anxious about your lack of perfection... Instead switch your perspective - if you already knew everything, there'd be so many less jobs in the world and that's bad for the economy. Try attending some meditation or Mindfulness classes; visit your local holistic centre (wink wink); go do some yoga; write your feelings on a napkin; scream inside your help; learn how to make vegan chocolate; give yourself another hug; talk to someone... 
Eventually, you will feel better.

Leave us a comment with your own tips for cultivating inner peace below!