Welcome to Tiger Boe, Nottingham's only multi-bed Acupuncture clinic.    

We believe in alternative medicine being accessible for everyone. Acupuncture, as well as other holistic treatments, take some time to heal the body and are a process. It is vital that every patient can afford to have a treatment frequently enough, and for a long enough period of time, in order to get better.


We Treat The Person, Not The Illness.

Chinese Medicine places great emphasis on the coexistence of body and mind.  Many diseases are caused or affected by our state of mind. Emotional stress disturbs the flow of qi causing an imbalance in the body. If these imbalances are left untreated the problem will progressively lead to physical illness. Unlike western medicine, that focuses on treating the symptoms, Chinese medicine treats the root cause of the illness or imbalance. 


We Provide Knowledge to Help You To Heal Yourself.

We believe the best primary care is self-care. We teach our patients techniques to self-heal and prevent disease. Some of these being diaphragmatic breathing, exercise, meditation, nutrition and self-massage.


Simplicity Is Key.

We believe the best medical intervention should be the least invasive, least harmful and of the highest efficacy. If you give the body some focused attention, time and the right treatment, it can usually fix itself.


An amazing place, full of positive energy, warmth and the loveliest people in the whole world
— Ria angela


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So many good events and courses taking place here! Really impressed with the quality versus value for money.
— kell marie